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Coin Collecting 101

This brief introduction for the beginner stresses the importance of deciding how to collect so that you can collect intelligently and derive the maximum amount of thrill from the hobby. Specific coin types are mentioned to help you focus on your collecting interests.




How to Collect Coins video – Top 5 tips for coin collectors

Littleton Coin Company presents its top 5 coin collecting tips. Discover how to collect coins and how to build a coin collection. These 5 important coin collecting tips will help you become a better coin collector. Whether you are just getting started collecting coins or are an experienced numismatist, these 5 collecting tips will provide the coin collecting basics – a coin collecting 101: learn how to start a coin collection, how to handle and store your coins, how to select and grade coins, and where to buy coins.




Spare Change Ep01: Coin collecting do’s and dont’s (gold and silver coins too)

In this episode of spare change we talk about the things you need to know about coin collecting (Silver and gold coins too). We go over what type of American coins are out there to collect, what coin is worth what and how to avoid the scams when collecting In this series we will also talk about other coins around the world.




The $200 Million Coin Collection | Forbes

The Pogue Collection will likely be the most expensive coin collection ever sold at auction. The face value of the 681 coins? $969.14.




Top 10 Most Valuable American Coins — TopTenzNet

The history of American coinage is really the history of America itself, and the stories each coin tells are as varied and unique as the people who have used them. They are pieces of art in their own right, and a piece of Americana any person can own, which is what makes coin collecting such a popular hobby.