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Advice For Investors

BASEBALLCARDCOLLECTORS.COM’S THE LEARNING CURVE – ADVICE FOR INVESTORS… Host Richard Ticho talks with experts, dealers, store owners and collectors about investing in baseball cards.




Are My Baseball (Trading) Cards Worth Anything?

We all had them! Trading cards! Folks contact us all the time trying to sell their trading card collection. In this video, I’ll go over your options and what to expect.




Earn A Living On Ebay Selling Trading Cards

How to sell trading cards on ebay – Selling MTG trading cards online.





Garbage Pail Kids – Vintage 1980’s Trading Card Sticker Cards

Watch out product showcase of our 1980’s Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards & Stickers featuring graded, and un-graded cards.




How To Grade Baseball (Trading) Cards

Dean’s Cards, with more than 1.5 million baseball cards online, takes the mystery out of the baseball card grading process in this informative video.




PSA BGS Cards – Get The Best Grades Out Of Your Collection

This is an instructional video on how and what you can do to get the best grades when submitting cards to PSA/BGS. I’m using a lot of Chiefs and Packers cards in this video for my examples.




Sports Card Tutorial Episode 1




Sports Card Tutorial Episode 2




The Baseball Card Movie

A movie about busting packs, baseball cards, being a collector and how value changes over time.




Tips On Selling Your Card Collection

Helpful tips and information you will need if you are selling a baseball card collection or any kind of vintage card collection.